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Manx Canine Cuisine makes one of the best raw complete and balanced dog foods on earth. As the Isle of Man is the only place on the planet that is registered as a Complete Biosphere Nation, the food raised and grown on our Island is incredibly healthy and nutritious, we use meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs grown by some of the best farmers in the world, who still use ethical and environmental practices that not only benefit us and our pets, but the land we live in too. 

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Even if you feed 5 days out of 7, or aim for a five a day for your dog, don't be scared to add in herbs too, parsley, rosemary, mint, basil and many others, chop up finely, add in garlic in the summer months to assist fighting off parasites, the benefits for your dog are endless.

And if in doubt... give us a call, we're always happy to help, we know not everyone can feed a full healthy raw diet, what we want to aim for is the best you can afford, doesn't your dog deserve that?

2.  Omega 3 fatty acids, small fish oils rather than large, sustainable sourced kill oil is best, but if not, responsibly sourced salmon oil will do.  A spoonful a day makes an amazing difference to your dogs coat, omega 3 fatty acids aid in proper brain function, eye health and improve joints in young and old alike, it develops good cognitive abilities and can help treat kidney disease to name but a few benefits.


Small Changes for Big Results.

3.  Digestive enzymes, these are found naturally in fresh food, these help mitigate flatulence, soft poos, tummy upsets, you can buy digestive enzymes from your local pet food store or online, but fresh natural food enzymes are always best, here are a few natural examples for your dogs dish.


4.  Probiotics and prebiotics, probiotic is the good bacteria for your pets digestive system and gut, prebiotic is to feed these bacteria to keep them healthy and fed.


5.  It gives your dog joy, they use their noses more, enjoy the

new smells and although they have less taste buds than us,

they definitely enjoy their food more.

1. Add in small amounts of fresh food, this can be cooked or raw, fresh greens like broccoli or kale, spinach, cabbage is best, some berries, blue berries, blackberries, raw or cooked eggs, some freshly cooked fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc, a little yogurt will help with probiotics, Kefir is great for this and goats yogurt is better than cows. feeding at least 20% of your dogs dinner as fresh food boosts their immune system and health incredibly.

Raw verses Kibble the debate, why raw food for dogs is healthier than dried processed food

Over the years, there has been an ongoing debate between raw food and kibble for dogs. While kibble has been a popular choice due to its convenience and longer shelf life, many pet owners are turning towards raw diets for their canine companions. In this blog post, we will explore into the reasons why raw food is considered a healthier option for dogs compared to dried processed food, shedding light on the benefits of a natural and nutrient-rich diet for our beloved pets.


Key Takeaways:

  • Nutrient density: Raw food for dogs provides a higher level of nutrients compared to dried processed food.
  • Digestibility: Raw food is easier for dogs to digest, leading to better absorption of essential nutrients and less strain on the digestive system.
  • Health benefits: Switching to a raw diet can result in improved coat and skin health, increased energy levels, and better weight management for dogs.

Understanding Raw Dog Food

Even though it might seem like a new trend, feeding raw food to dogs actually has its roots in the natural diet of their ancestors who thrived on raw meat and bones. Raw dog food refers to a diet that consists of uncooked, natural ingredients that can include raw meat, organs, bones, fruits, and vegetables. This type of diet is believed to mimic what dogs would eat in the wild, providing them with a range of nutrients and health benefits.

Definition and Types of Raw Food Diets

Understanding the various types of raw food diets can help you make an informed decision about what to feed your furry friend. Some common types of raw diets include BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), PMR (Prey Model Raw), and commercial raw food. Each of these diets has its own approach to balancing the nutrients essential for your dog's well-being.

  • BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)
  • PMR (Prey Model Raw)
  • Commercial raw food

Knowing the differences between these raw food diets can help you choose the one that best suits your dog's nutritional needs. By educating yourself on the composition of each diet, you can ensure that your dog receives a balanced and wholesome meal.

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