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raw manx nutrition to thrive not just survive




Photo: April Wade


If our dogs could do thier own shopping, they'd choose Manx Canine Cuisine for their dinners.

Our nutritionist Pam with her new family member, Vader a Newfoundland with an appetite to match his size, or the one he will be in a few months.

Pamela Goldie and her two dogs Nero and Tia, Tia was the inspiration for MCC, she became sensitive to her food after being spayed and reacted badly to her processed commercial food, swapping to raw changed all that, 7 years later she is a happy healthy dog.

Manx Canine Cuisine, a little Manx Company providing the best in fresh dog food, we provide balanced and complete meals for your dog and cat that not only contain every nutrient your dogs needs, but provides them from fresh natural food.

Each meal contains vital vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Each recipe designed to incororate all these nutrients in the levels needed for your dog to grow into a happy healthy hound.

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