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Our Dogs Are Always Our Best Friends, Isn't It Time We Started Being Theirs?

Manx Natural Herbal Support, (made on the Isle of Man)

Natural herbal support for troubled, upset and delicate tummies, a gentle mix of natural and soothing herbs that help settle tums down. Herbal support along with a great fresh raw food diet can change delicate tummies to rebust happy tumtums.

Ingrediets: Organic nettles, organic chamomile, turmeric (complete with black pepper), magnesium (supplement) flaxseed, rice bran, yeast, cane molasses, sunflower seeds, alfalfa, carrots, barley grass, garlic. 

Mix with food daily when needed in conjunction with a natural probiotic can help ease upset tummies, providing a fresh raw diet for your pet will increase their health and longevity.

Always contact your vet if your pet is unwell. 

Nutrition To Thrive Not Just Survive

Troubled Tummies Herbal Support
GBP £ 9.99

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