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Dehydrated pork rind chews, natural and unprocessed, perfect little snack and treats for your dog, delicious and great for chewing and tasty to boot, a fabulous little treat to give your dog or puppy.

Always take into accounts calories from treats when feeding your dog or cat as too many treats can unbalance their dinners and cause obesity.

Manx Canine Cuisine’s Pork Training Bites are delicious and nutritious and...

1. Made from 100% mother nature prepared human grade Pork

2. Suitable for dogs young and old, from 4 week old puppies to senior dogs

3. Suitable for dogs with allergies and illnesses (Check with your vet if in doubt)

4. Great for raw or kibble fed dogs regardless of breed, age, condition or sex

5. Easily digested and gentle on digestive systems

6. 100%  Natural

7. High natural protein and low in fat

8. No added anything what-so-ever

9. Great health benefits and full of natural live nutrients

10. Hypoallergenic

Sweeties - Pork Rind Rolls
GBP £ 4.00

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