raw and fresh, manx nutrition to thrive not just survive




Our Dogs Are Always Our Best Friends, Isn't It Time We Started Being Theirs?

Manx Natural Herbal Support, (made on the Isle of Man)

Herbal support for your growing puppy, puppies grow at an incredible rate and often a little extra nutritional support at the start of their lives give them a much better start in life to develop a great body for longevity. 

Ingrediets: Manx dandelion leaf, and flowers, Manx nettles, chamomile, hemp seeds, marigold, blue poppy seeds, irish organic kelp, flaxseeds, rice bran, yeast, cane molases, sunflower seeds, alfalfa, carrots, barley grass, garlic.

Mix with food daily whilst your puppy is still growing. 

Always contact your vet if your pet is unwell. 

Nutrition To Thrive Not Just Survive

Puppy Power Herbal Support
GBP £ 9.99

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