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Selecting 'Pick N Mix' Allows us here at Manx Canine to choose a variety of proteins for your dogs meal throughout the period you've purchased for. 

Our selection will include locally farmed Manx grass raised meats as well as ethically sourced British meats and fish, including game farm and game based proteins to ensure your dog gets a full variety and balanced diet needed for great health.

Pick N Mix meals are all one price including the game proteins and higher priced meals, so you save and your dogs health wins hands and paws down. 

Included with this purchase is a complimentary treat for your pet. Larger versions of the treats included can be purchased separately.

(Minimum order to qualify for the free treat is 3 items from this product)

Ingredients: include a variety of meats, fish, bone, organ meats, heart, seasonal vegetables, berries and fruits, home grown and dried herbs, organic kelp, flaxseed, fats and oils naturally balanced to contain all the nutrients your dog needs.

Feed 2-3% of your adult dogs body weight per day depending on age, energy needs and sedetary.

For puppies, working dogs or the elderly, have a chat with our resident Canine Nutritionist Pamela who can create meal plans for your pets health requirements.


Pick n Mix (Complete Raw Dinner)
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