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raw manx nutrition to thrive not just survive

Dogs are natural predators, and our dogs might not still hunt, they still need to use their jaws and gnaw, this helps promote a feeling of calm and comfort, it releases endorphins, the happy hormones which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

One Vacuum Packed Marrow Bone section perfect for your dogs needs.

Bones and Marrow, they are rich in iron, vitamins A&K, fatty acids, trace selenium, zinc, manganese and B-vitamins, as well as calcium and phosphorus.

Nutrient rich and high quality raw marrow bones are a nutritious and much needed part of your dogs diet and health, dense weight baring marrow bones are used for gnawing, they help keep our dogs teeth and gums plaque and bacteria free and healthy.

Always supervise your dog and their bones and ensure young children are kept at a distance as even the gentlest of dogs can get a little possesive of their much loved bones.


Marrow Bones (1)
GBP £ 1.50

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