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Manx Fresh Nutrition to Thrive Not Just Survive

Manx cANINE cuisine

The combination of food (bone broth) medicinal herbs, supplements, vitamins, minerals and nutrients brought together to aid, support and boost your dogs  immune system into working for your dog instead of against it.

See enclosed leafelet for complete list of ingredients and their superpowers.

Manx Canine’s Immunity Booster is the product of months of research into our dogs immune system and will provide your dogs body with a few more tools to   enable it to fight off illness, disease, infection and help  alleviate food and environmental sensitivities.

The way our pets bodies deal with illness, allergies and sensitivities are dictated by the immune system and if it is not working correctly then the effects on his body and mental health can be devastating, giving our dogs  a helping hand to aid in boosting and try help reset their immune system can give your dog some much needed relieve from the pain and general discomfort associated with badly working immune system.

The nutrients, medicinal herbs, vitamins and minerals used in our Immunity Booster do just that, boost your pets immune system, helping it to work the way nature intended.

With most dogs living their whole lives on dried processed food, their bodies are unable to build the bodies mother nature genetically intended for them to have and with so many dogs suffering from food and environmental sensitivities (rarely allergies, we’ll go into that  in more detail later on) we have the chance of helping them try to reset their system and boost it into working as Mother Nature intended.

Along with fresh food Manx Canine’s Immunity Booster and Immunity Booster Plus will, over the period of roughly 4 weeks help this happen.

Immunity Booster Plus (Herbal Support)
GBP £ 55.00 GBP £ 75.00

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