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Our Dogs Are Always Our Best Friends, Isn't It Time We Started Being Theirs?

A delicious and healthy broth from Lamb, Pork and Chicken bones, with added lamb & chicken meat, as well as home grown kale, spinach, two different kinds of mint & thyme, fresh Manx dandelion leaves as well as blueberries, dried organic chamomile and nettles as well as a touch of turmeric to finish off makes for a great tasting snack.

Bone broth is great for healthy dogs as an addition to their normal meals, but also great for poorly dogs, it's a fantastic first meal after surgery or an illness, or just to pep up a pooch with a long term illness.

Ingredients: Manx Lamb, Manx Pork, British Chicken, Frozen Blueberries, Manx Fresh Kale, Manx Fresh Spinach, Manx Fresh Mint, Manx Fresh Thyme, Manx Fresh Dandelion Leaves, Organic Dried Chamomile, Organic Dried Nettle, Turmeric.

Bone Broth - ** NEW SIZE * 4oz
GBP £ 1.65

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