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Our Dogs Are Always Our Best Friends, Isn't It Time We Started Being Theirs?


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Manx Made Treat, Sweets, Bones and Chews for your Pet
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Complete meals, balanced so your dog has all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients his body needs for a long happy and healthy life. Chunky meat, offal, bone, vegetables, fruit, herbs & oils and fats & love.
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Search our store for the poroducts you want, and remember if you cant find it, we might be able to make it...... 

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All our products in one place, use the scroll button to browse or click "SHOP ALL PRODUCTS" to be whisked away to our full shop for food, treats, bones, supplements, herbs and even doggie jewellery,

All Manx Canine's delicious, nutritious, balanced and complete dinners for your dog, a large selection of proteins and sizes to suit every dog no matter the age, breed or size.

Manx Canine's treats are a wonder to behold, delicious and nutritious, our treats are handmade on the premises with Manx meats farmed right here on the Island, notihing added in and nothing taken away.

When our fur-babies get poorly, healthy, fresh nutrition can help aid the recovery of illnesses & specialist meals can be prepared for dogs suffering from many illness, we can prepare 'Client Specific Meals' for Cancer, Diabetes, Panceratitis, Athritis, Allergies & many more, just send us a quick email to enquire. 

Our cats are no strangers to raw food, and many outdoor cats catch their own dinners as we can all attest when finding feathers all over the house, feeding your cat a raw diet can boost their health and lifespan just as well as our dogs.

Our food supplements have been created from years of research & studying our dogs & cats nutritioal needs. Occasionally they need an extra boost, some 'Mobility Mutt's when their joints start degrading, 'Calming Canine's before a visit to the vets or bonefire night. Our Herbal range can provide a nutritious & herbal boost to your pets health.

Food supplements and additons to our dogs diets can be as simple as an extra bone to gnaw on, some Sprinkles to help fussy dogs enjoy their dinner, some of our famous Bone Broth or even some smelly Green Tripe as an extra treat at meal times.

Food for our puppies as they have some extra needs in the first few months of their lifes,

 balls of fluff much.

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Monday to Wednesday 11:30 to 18:00,

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North is Thursdays

(We reserve the right to change days and time at short notice).

Pick N Mix

Why not choose a 'Pick N Mix' food selection in our shop and let

Manx Canine's In-House Canine Nutritionist choose the meals and proteins

for you, we often have a few new proteins that have not made into into our online shop that we can pop into your basket for a new and exciting tasty dinner for your dog.

Select the Pick N Mix option in the products section and decide what size you want and how many, 


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