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Manx Fresh Nutrition to Thrive Not Just Survive
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Raw Dog
From £1.95
Almost Out
Raw Dog
From £1.95
Almost Out
Almost Out
Almost Out
Pamela Goldie
Canine Nutritionist

Why not browse our hand made pet jewellery made for Manx Canine by Aalin Jewellery, we have little girls bracelets with bunnies, kitty cats, pooches and lots of other animals or a stunning sterling silver paw bracelet for a special gift for the loved ones in your life. Let us know if you need anything special and we can help provide a bespoke piece just as we do with the dog food, Aalin Jewellery is owned by Pam, our nutritionist at Manx Canine, she's been making jewellery since she was a little girl.

A balanced raw diet consists of feeding more or less a whole animal to your dog, this typically consists of raw meat, bones, organ meat, raw vegetables, oils, herbs & fruit, thus providing a fully balanced & nutritional diet for your dog.

A raw diet can provide your dog with all the right amino acids (protein), minerals, vitamins, essential fats, enzymes & all nutrients required to help your dog thrive, raw diets are meant to mimic the food our beautiful mother nature designed them to eat in the wild and which every other family of the canid group who are still wild still eat today.

There is a growing trend for raw feeding as its benefits are becoming more widely recognised, a raw diet can act medicinally, saving a fortune in reduced vet fees, giving your dog the correct nutrients can mean seeing a distinct improvement in a number of areas at once. As a dog owner, it is your job to ensure that your dogs basic needs are met. The quality of your dog’s diet will have a direct impact on his general health & wellbeing.

Manx Canine’s raw dog food will create lasting health benefits for your puppy or adult dog.Within weeks or even days you'll notice:

                                                                                                                                   · Cleaner teeth and better smelling breath

                                                                                                                                   · Healthier skin

                                                                                                                                   · Smaller stools

                                                                                                                                   · Balanced energy levels

                                                                                                                                   · Improved digestion

                                                                                                                                   · Shiny silky soft coat

                                                                                                                                   · Better immunity and health

                                                                                                                                   · Less allergies

                                                                                                                                   · Less itching and licking

                                                                                                                                   · Less health issues

                                                                                                                                   · Easier weight management





All they need; from puppy to old age;

Optimised for every stage of your dog’s life, Manx Canine’s raw dog food

is the best dog food for puppies or older dogs:

· Raw food for puppies, adult, senior and pregnant dogs

· 100% complete for health & tackling health issues such as allergies & obesity.

· Nutritionally balanced by nature and supported by experts

· Highest quality, raw materials, ethically sourced and best of all Manx

· Chunkier bites of meat and higher bone content for puppies and growing dogs

· Chunks of meat and veggies for more chewing that helps clean teeth

· Frozen for ease of storing in bulk at home


Puppy play, a most important part of a puppies learning process, the feel, taste, look and smell of items help mould your puppy when they are little babies, food does the same thing, puppies weaned and raised up to pubity on a single food tend to not be open to being introduced to other foods later in life, they learn which foods are safe at a very young age, always wean puppies on a fresh variety of foods to ensure healthy growth.

Try some of our amazing and delicious Manx and British raised Complete & Balanced Raw Food

Cats Kittens

Specialised food for illness support, including cancer, diabetes, athritis, epilepsy, pancreatitis & more.

Nutrient dense food created specially for pregnant & nursing mummies and weaning & 

puppies 1st raw dinners 

Raw food just for our feline friends, a balanced raw diet for kittens and adult cats

Manx designed and created pet jewellery by 

Aalin Jewellery

Natural herbal support for illness, disease, parasites, health & nutrition 

Click here for all our locally made trearts & sweets for your dog and cat. 

Specialised Services

Use the arrow to scroll through all the products.

Manx Canine Cuisine's Consultation Service

We provide consults for:
1.  Raw Food Conversion
2. Pregnancy, Lactation and Puppies First Weaning & Raw Food
3. D.I.Y. Advice and Support
4. Nutritional Analysis Service
5. Illnessd and Disease Support Food
6. Allergy, Food and Environmental Sensitivity Advice.
7. Palative Nutritional Support
8. Holistic and Herbal Advice & Support

Place Your First Order Now

Manx Canine will be closed over Christmas from Friday 22nd December (close at 6:30pm 21/12/23) to 3rd January, its a longer closure this year than the last few years so please be aware as I will be off Island and we will be completely closed. Last day for ordering food for over the Christmas period, is Saturday 16th December, any orders after this date can not be guaranteed to be filled, so please make a note and get your orders in early. Christmas dinner will be available to book from this weekend. 

Client Support



& Puppies

Manx Pet 


Health & Herbal


Snacks Treats

& Sweets

Pam here, I’m back at work today for a few hours, to go through orders, contact clients do as much as I can, or as much as my lungs will let me, they’ve been a little damaged by Covid, and it takes just a little longer to do anything, please do bear with us as you know we’re going through a devastating time at the moment with the loss of Tia, she was the reason Manx Canine exists, she got poorly, aged one, fresh, natural, food, herbs, et cetera made her better, we took that, we went to college, we studied, we created and we helped more dogs than we can count.

Before Manx Canine came along, she had another job, when we discovered real, fresh healthy food got her better, we became the go to place for those dogs from local charities, the police and rescues that had been battered, abused, neglected, and those lost souls that were devastated and sick, we fostered, so many, we can’t remember them all, and she helped each, and everyone recover to full health physically and mentally, she helped them find new homes, families, and new lives, she was my nursey dog, she helped a 10 week old Labrador puppy with two broken legs and brain damage, she helped a beautiful little Whippet, who been shot over and over and over with a BB gun, She helped a little three legged dog, who was terrified of humans, trust us again, and she helped a black Labrador who escaped her torturer to recover and go to live one of the most amazing lives a dog could have with a wonderful family, the legacy she leaves behind is so big it's incomprehension, she changed so many lives all for the better, including mine.

The reason I do this job now is, and always has been for her, and now she’s in Heaven, across Rainbow Bridge with Nero, Molly and her brother Hughie, she will still be the reason I do this job in her memory for every dog that is sick, injured and suffering , her legacy will live on for decades yet.

My Love,
My Inspiration,
My Soul Mate
Tia Goldie

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What does our wheel represent? 8 types opf food are used to create a Complete and Balanced food for our dogs.

Meat, bone, organ, fish, vegetables, fruit and berries, herbs, nuts and seeds. These 8 types of food make a healthy diet for our dogs, meat alone will not sustain our dogs health and longevity, which is why variety is vital to build and maintain and healthy body and mind. 

Gota query? Book a consult… it’s worth it..   🐾 So! Consultations…. I started studying canine nutrition as a profession over ten years ago, Canine Nutrition was my main focus, but Herbalistic Medicine became a second, and i became a member of the Complimentary Medical Association. But this is a hard one here, we do a full consult for people with problems with their dogs, this is a brief run down of what it involves, each case is different so each one needs a different approach:
🐾 Full history, age, breed, sex, weight
🐾 Family background if available
🐾 Medical history
🐾 Nutritional history
🐾 Medications, holistic, supplements and conventional
🐾 Exercise routine
🐾 Mental health, stress, anxiety, calming activities etc, recent losses or gains
🐾 Digestive information, food, treats, bowel movements etc
We provide you with current science knowledge on nutrition, history of food and it’s path, world health statistics on canine health overall and finally with you we come up with a plan to help your dog, whether it be a new diet for upset tummies, or scratchy itchy skin, loose stools or constipation, even joint and overall health for puppies, adolescents, adults, seniors, pregnant and lactating females.
This comes with long term support and nutrition for your pet.
So, when we get a message asking a quick question from someone about their pet I’m generally happy to answer, but sadly this can often extend into an hour long phone call/text/email/messenger conversation which is effectively a consult, and sadly because we never got to go through all the above properly, the help I provide might be be complete and miss a vital piece, not only that but it takes much needed valuable time from me, I often can’t stop and answer a message or the phone, if we’re in the middle of making a batch of cancer support food and someone rings with a quick question that turns into half an hour I’ve not got the time as I can’t leave my batch, with all this in mind isn’t £40 worth a full consult?
Not only is it worth your time, but it helps your dog more than you think, you get the full information not just a piece of it.
Our dogs are the sickest animals on this planet, with 50% of them getting cancer by the time they are ten, that’s ten times higher than human cancer. My profession is busier than ever and just getting more busy that even our vets have had to close their books to new customers, sadly I have to plan my time effectively, 14-16 hour days are not as fun as they sound, even if you love your job as much as I do.  Got a query? Book a consult… it’s worth it.

Manx Canine Cuisine

Manx Pork Bone Broth
Manx Lamb Bone Broth
Mixed Meat Bone Broth
New puppy? Want to introduce them to raw? Let us help, our Canine Nutritionist is the islands only qualified nutritionist, here to help you transition your puppy or dog (and kittens and cats) to a healthier fresh food diet. Message us now or email You and your pet won’t regret it.

Puppies & Mummies

Bone Broth
9 Reasons to start giving your dog bone broth.
1. Detox the liver and body
2. Immune System Boost
3. Provides nutrients for Healthy Skin & Coat
4. Provides amazing joint support with glucosamine, hyaluronic
acid, chondroitin & collagen nutrients
5. Improves digestive health and helps heal leaky gut
6. Contains a great range of essential vitamins and minerals
7. Fights inflammation and diseases such as diabetes, arthritis,
heart disease, cancer and dementia.
8. Enhances hydrations after sickness and diarrhoea, great for
young and old alike
9. As part of their every day diet and as a treat or a snack
Follow the link below to purchase some for your pet now, cat or dog, both will love it.

Our Manx Pork complete Doggie Dinner, delicious Manx farm raised pork, with pork loin, leg and trim muscle meat chunks mixed with heart, tongue liver, kidneys and lung, combined with

a tasty range of local

vegetables, fruits,

berries, herbs, nuts,

seeds and spices, all

together makes up

a nutritious and

totallly scrumptious

complete & balanced

dinner your dog will love. 

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Manx Beef, Pork & Lamb 

Lites, hand made and delicious

Click on picture for product

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken,

Duck, Goose, Tripe,

Click on picture for product.

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken,

Duck, Goose, Tripe,

Click on picture for product.

Click on each of the pictures to browse the product collections, from raw food & treats to beautiful pet jewellery

Tasty Hand Made Jerky



Lamb, Pork & Beef Lites


These days and times may

change without notice,

do not leave ordering

till the last minute,

please ensure if you

are not in you have

a safe, secure and cool

place to leave your order.

Manx Canine Cuisine makes one of the best raw complete and balanced dog foods on earth. As the Isle of Man is the only place on the planet that is registered as a Complete Biosphere Nation, the food raised and grown on our Island is incredibly healthy and nutritious, we use meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs grown by some of the best farmers in the world, who still use ethical and environmental practices that not only benefit us and our pets, but the land we live in too. 

Opening Times

Monday 12:30 to 6:00 

(No Collections on Mondays) 

Tuesday 12:30 to 6:00

Wednesday 12:30 to 6:00

Thursday 12:30 to 6:00

Friday 1:30 to 4:00

Saturday 12:30 to 3:00

Sunday Closed

Delivery Schedule: 

East & North: Saturday

West & South: Sunday


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